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Knee CPMThe Kinetec Spectra Knee CPM represents the latest break-through in CPM technology. An unbeatable combination of good looks and mechanical innovation sets Spectra apart as the Knee CPM of choice. The entire spectrum of needs for knee patients can now be addressed with a carriage that accommodates all patients, age 8 to 80 - without any additional
accessories. Lightweight and exceptionally easy to carry. Spectra offers a quick setup and practical operational modes athat enhance patient comfort, compliance and results.



Features include:

 * Minus 10 degrees extension to 120 degrees of knee flexion  
 * Pause in extension and flexion  
 * Warm-up mode  
 * Manual mode  
 * Patient compliance meter  
 * Under 25 pounds   
 * Carrying handle 
 * Hand control storage on unit  
 * Anatomically correct motion  
 * Force control to limit the amount of force the CPM applies  
 * Speed control


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