Ultima 20 TENS Unit®


Ultima 20 Tens SystemThe Ultima 20® is a five mode device with dual
channels, three wave forms, and twenty
treatment modes. This device is remarkable for
its body part specific settings, ease of application,
and simple set-up by the patients.


A cap over the controls is not needed because you
can lock the intensity settings into place. Ultima 20®
is the advanced, pocket sized, fully portable,
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
system designed to relieve both accute and
persistentpain without injections, drugs, or

The unit sends gentle electrical impulses through the skin and nerves to surpress
pain by scrambling the pain signals before they get to the brain.

Ultima 20 provides five different modes of operation for pain treatment versatility.
Because Ultima 20 has two channels, it can be used to relieve pain at two body
locations, simultaneously, or to provide relief at a single body location or over a
large body area.


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                     Cold Therapy


Hot-cold therapy device     Our cold therapy systems are simple and reliable.
     Their easy to use,
compact design, make it
     great for clinic, hospital, and home use.
     than using ice, we suggest freezing 6 standard
     16 oz water bottles
, and use 3 at a time. 
     This will cool the water to
a therapeutic
     temperature for several hours.



When the water is not as cold as you like, replace with the other
3 frozen bottles and continue with uninterrupted therapy!
No need to continously purchase bagged ice or empty
your home ice maker!



■  Sustained cold therapy is one of the most effective and
    soothing treatments for reducing post-operative pain and

 ■  Circulates cold water directly to surgery site and
     surrounding area.

 ■  Convenient size and weight.


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Elf Care device   The ELFcare electrode allows the synergistic effect
   of combining calibrated hot therapy, cold therapy and
   electrical therapy in one electrode.  This solid-state
   electrode is controlled by a portable device allowing
   the treatment to be independently conducted by
   the patient in his own home while remaining under
   medical supervision. 


   The system is based on a proprietary technological
   combination of Bi-directional Thermo Transfer (BTT)
   and conventional Electrotherapy.


Features Include:Elf Care

   - Vocal indication inform the patient what 
     to do and when to start and stop treatment.      

   - Locking system preventing anyone from making
     changes to the treatment parameters without
     authorization from the healthcare professional.

   - AUTOSTART and AUTOSTOP timer functions.

                                       - The advanced computerized control system makes 
Elf Care unit setup for knee therapy           upgrades of new programs or display effects easy
           to carry out.                                               









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